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HOW IT WORKS provides an easy way to connect between dog owners and dog walkers, dog groomers, and dog trainers. Finding the right dog helper for your needs can be a difficult task but makes it simple. Search for a dog helper in your area by zip code or city name. There are thousands of dog walkers, groomers, and trainers listed on DoggyHelper. You'd be able to view their profile, read reviews about their service, and most importantly, contact them directly. DoggyHelpers allows the dog owner and the service provider communicate directly, discuss and agree on the terms of the service, time, location, etc. Joining and using is totally free, and totally awesome! woof woof!

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How To Find The Perfect Dog Walker
Dogs are often seen as integral part of the family. In many cases they are considered a family member. As such, finding a dog helper to take care of your dog is somewhat similar to finding a nanny for your baby. Whether you are looking for someone to walk your dog, board your dog during the day or night, as a dog owner you want to feel comfortable that your dog is in good hands. In short, finding a great dog helper is a task which shouldn't be taken lightly. Here are a few key things to consider when reviewing and choosing a dog helper.

1. Location
This may sound trivial, but when choosing a dog walker/helper it makes a lot of sense to find dog helper in your area. Despite the fact that many dog helpers are willing to commute, keep in mind that the rate you'll end up paying might be higher as it will reflect the time and gas spent by the dog helper getting to your home.

2. Experience
Watching the Cesar Millan show, or any other similar dog whisperer show, it quickly becomes evident how dogs react to the masterful skills of an extremely experienced dog professional. Dogs feed and react to energy and body language projected by humans around them. An experienced dog walker / dog helper will be able to control dogs in challenging situations. A skilled dog walker can easily lead and control a pack of dogs.

3. Style
Some dog walkers do only pack walks, while others may offer a single dog walk. It is up to you, the dog owner, to decide the best fit for your dog. Some dogs can benefit from a pack walk, while others are simply not ready for it and may need to go through training first.

4. Reliability
Dog owners who look for help with their dogs are usually busy professional individuals, who simply don't have enough time during their busy schedule to walk their dog two to three times a day. A key factor to a great dog walker is one who shows up on time, walks the dog for the agreed upon length of time and returns the dog home safe and sound.

5. Rate
The rates for dog walking, boarding, grooming, and training vary between dog helpers. An extremely experienced dog helper may charge a lot more than a young high school kid who does this as a hobby. When reviewing and negotiating the rate one should consider all the points mentioned above. While saving a buck is usually a positive thing, doing so on the expense of your dog getting a less than great service is not desired. Paying a bit more for an experienced and reliable dog helper who will bring your dog back home with his tail wagging is a wise investment.